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This week, youth ages 14 to 18 from all around the world are participating in an annual summer camp hosted by the BYU Young Ambassadors.

The camp bases its theme off of the Young Ambassadors’ show every year. This year’s theme, Harmony: the Music of Life, celebrates American musical expressions with some classics by well-known composers such as George and Ira Gershwin, Benny Goodman, Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein. The show celebrates the human experience by depicting scenes from life’s most significant moments.

Each day at camp begins with a devotional, followed by classes that take place throughout the afternoon. Workshop topics aren’t limited to the mechanics    of music and choreography. The classes also teach students how to perform and connect with the Spirit.

“We all come here to sing and share in the gospel,” said one of the young actresses. “I have learned a lot about sending the message of the gospel through performing.”

Students spend time each day studying the scriptures in the workshops. In one workshop, they separate into small groups to discuss what they’ve studied, as well as, to discuss quotes from Church leaders about developing and using talents in music, dance and art. These workshops emphasize the importance of living a good life, having the spirit with you as you perform, and the effect that these can have on an audience. The other two workshops also focus on gospel principles  applied to the areas of choreography and vocal performance.

Brent Wesson, a performer in the Young Ambassadors, said his favorite part is watching students connect spiritually with their performance.

“It is brilliant to watch them grow and change as they come closer to the spirit while sharpening their artistic abilities,” Wesson said. “It is about inspiration. Whether that be singing or dancing or anything like that.”

Many participants appreciated the environment in which the workshop was held.

“At school it is about talent, but here it is about what Christ wants you to teach other people,” another young actress said.

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By Anna Empey

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