Of One Heart

Of One Heart

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On Sundays the BYU Young Ambassadors – normally a high-energy song-and-dance-troupe – become a choral ensemble, and present a devotional program. Of One Heart features music presented at the Young Ambassadors’ Silver Anniversary Reunion Fireside Concert in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square, and includes a program of LDS favorites, including three originals penned by Young Ambassadors’ longtime director, Randy Boothe.


Sample Album
1. Of One Heart
2. I See a Light
3. His Love
4. My Heavenly Father Loves Me / I am a Child of God
5. I Feel My Savior’s Love
6. I Know that My Redeemer Lives / The Love of God
7. Breeze Among the Branches
8. Consider the Lilies
9. Window to His Love
10. Give Your Love Away
11. In Heaven’s Eyes
12. I Love The Book of Mormon
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