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Comments From Around The World

  • You brought us the profound emotion and deep friendship of the American people and brought us a step closer in the friendly relationship of out two countries.

    Shanghai Song and Dance Troupe
    Shanghai Song and Dance Troupe Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
  • Around here we have an idea what it means to be an ambassador. Young Ambassadors, you are the best.

    Robert Peterson
    Robert Peterson Public Affairs Officer US Embassy, Rabat, Morocco
  • The troupe presented a top-quality spectacle that included excellent singing, inspired dancing, evocative sets, and flawless technical backup. The performance celebrated many positive values that are shared by Tunisians and Americans. The group’s on- and off-stage demeanor presented a hard-working, friendly, and cooperative image of American youth.

    Kevin Ellison
    Kevin Ellison Cultural Affairs Officer US Embassy, Tunis, Tunisia
  • I was not surprised that the troupe was greeted with enthusiastic applause and more throughout its performance. I think that people were enraptured by not only the entertainment, but by the Spirit. And I think through that, a great deal was achieved on the level of the heart and on the level of the human soul. This certainly can reinforce the other relations that we have between our countries in so many ways by providing a positive and optimistic – a faithful reflection of our relations and of our desire to share together what it is that distinguishes each of us and that which we share.

    Her Majesty, Queen Noor
    Her Majesty, Queen Noor Amman, Jordan
  • Their lively and heartwarming performances have captured the affections of audiences throughout the world. As unofficial ambassadors of the United States, the Young Ambassadors are without peers.

    International Affairs Organization
    International Affairs Organization Washington, DC
  • The ideas we have in common, which you have so beautifully expressed, in such a melodious way, have helped to build bridges with India. My hope is that we may all walk that path of goodwill and brotherhood, both young and old, with hands stretched across the ocean and the continents.

    Madame Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
    Madame Prime Minister Indira Gandhi New Delhi, India

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1970 – 2017


China (10), Canada (5), Hong Kong (5), Germany (4), Japan (4), Russia (4), Denmark (3), Egypt (3), Finland (3), India (3), Jordan (3), Malaysia (3), Norway (3), Sri Lanka (3), Sweden (3), Thailand (3), Argentina (2), Australia (2), Austria (2), Botswana (2), Brazil (2), France (2), Greece (2), Iceland (2), Morocco (2), Nepal (2), Philippines (2), Romania (2), Singapore (2), South Africa (3), Spain (2), Swaziland (2), Switzerland (2), Tunisia (2), Turkey (2), Vietnam (2), Yugoslavia (2), Bangladesh, Belgium, Cambodia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Guam, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Tahiti, Taiwan, Tasmania, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Zimbabwe

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