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The Young Ambassadors, Brigham Young University’s elite song and dance ensemble, shares the magic of storytelling through contemporary music, dance, and theatre. Comprised of 20 student singers, dancers, actors, and stage technicians, the ensemble delivers a fast-paced showcase inspired by American Musical Theatre, Rock and Pop music. These talented performers offer a fresh view of America’s culture and ways of life.

It is my privilege and opportunity to direct this amazing ensemble of students. Together we collaborate on the vision and execution of our performances. We endeavor to have the Spirit present in our meetings, rehearsals, and performances. One of our most valued experiences is travelling off campus and engaging in workshops, devotionals and performances with a variety of peoples and communities around the world.

If you are interested in joining this group, know that we welcome all types of artists and personalities and encourage diversity in thought, attitude, practice and skill set. I welcome those individuals who are interested in learning, growing, and contributing to come and be part of our group.

-Nathan Balser

Live Auditions
Video Auditions
Final Callbacks
Tech Crew Auditions

*UPDATE*: Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak and the circumstances surrounding it all LIVE initial auditions for the 2021-22 Season have been cancelled. In its place we will conduct a VIRTUAL audition instead. Please register and submit your materials (see instructions below) online at the following link:

Virtual auditions will be due March 31, 2021 via SlideRoom. We will notify selected candidates about callbacks after that date. Everyone will be asked to do the following:

  • Register online at SlideRoom by filling out the questionnaire and submitting a video of a self-introduction as well as your choice of singing, dancing or both.
  • Singing Details: For submitting a singing audition choose two contrasting songs such as a ballad and an up-tempo selection. Each song should be about 16 bars in length (or approx 30-45 sec). NOTE: We care less about the selection of song and more about your voice. Choose something you LOVE to sing and then because it is a video audition, make sure you can be heard over the accompaniment whether that be track or live.
    If you choose to audition as a singer you do not have to submit a dance video, but if called back you will have to learn a dance combo then.
  • Dancing Details: You can submit a video of you performing anything you would like to show.
    If you prefer to audition as a dancer first, you do not have to include singing in your initial video. If you are called back, however you will need to have one song prepared.
  • Introduction Details: Please take 20-30 seconds to tell us your name, where you are from, and one fun fact about yourself.
  • Compile your music selections and/or dance performance and introduction into one video, if possible.
  • OPTIONAL: If you play an instrument or have a special skill you would like us to see or know about, please include it in your video.


  • Does everyone in YAs have to sing? YES and NO. Beginning next year, although all members of the group will be expected to sing in ensemble pieces, there will be some tracks in the production that will not have a vocal solo. These tracks are intended for strong dancers.
  • Does everyone in YAs have to dance? YES and NO. Beginning next year, although all members of the group will be expected to move well in ensemble pieces, there will be some tracks in the production that will highlight their singing and acting skills.
  • Is it true you are looking for people who play instruments and have musical direction skills? YES. The YAs are looking for performers who have a variety of skill sets including a vocal captain with a high level of musicianship that plays the piano extremely well.
  • What should I wear? For the vocal audition please wear nice casual attire that exhibits your personality. For the dance audition please wear dance attire (comfortable but form fitting athletic wear) that fits the BYU Dept. of Dance dress guidelines which can be found at Tennis shoes or jazz shoes are suggested.
  • NOTE: Once you have completed the application process, you will receive a confirmation email of your application.

For questions regarding auditions, please contact:Nathan Balser (801) 422-8022.

Video Instructions:

  • Please make the video, upload it to YouTube, and set the view setting as unlisted (this will allow the video to be viewed by only those with the link). Then upload it into your SlideRoom account.
  • Please include all files in one video, not multiple. The video should contain 20-30 seconds of self introduction, 16 bars of a ballad, 16 bars of an up-tempo selection and/or 30 seconds of dance.

Submissions must be received by March 31, 2021 to be considered. Please prepare and send it in as early as possible. Based on your taped audition, you may be asked to attend final callbacks.

For questions regarding auditions, please contact:Nathan Balser (801) 422-8022.

Final Callbacks will be held IN PERSON
April 8-10, 2021.
Callbacks will be conducted in the evening on the 8th & 9th (3:00-9:00 p.m.) and the morning of the 10th. (10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.) Please, if called back keep these times open.
Everyone invited to final callbacks may be asked to prepare certain material related to your skill sets. You may be asked to sing specific material as well as learn additional movement combinations.

Interviews for the technical support staff are held in August of each year.Positions include:

  • Sound engineers
  • Master electrician
  • Stage hands
  • Stage manager
  • Wardrobe manager
  • Prop master
  • Follow-spot operators

Appointments may be made with John Shurtleff, Technical Director.

Contact John by email at after July 1.

Applications for technical staff are available in the RB Music Office, 1128 RB.